Turning Transparency into Trust: Providing Solutions when Dealing with Tighter Budgets 

As we gear up for tire season and the uptick in seasonal maintenance, the service department faces added pressure to ensure a smooth flow while keeping customers satisfied. When dealing with high interest rates, every dollar counts, and customers are understandably cautious about unexpected expenses. These tight budgets are leading to longer approval processes and a rise in declined services.

So, how do you address this challenge head-on and keep customers happy while maintaining a healthy close rate?

The Power of Transparency:

Provide a direct line of communication with your service bay to your customers, enabling you to easily send photos or videos of the exact items that need attention. Interactive Vehicle Conditioning Reports give the level of transparency you need to instill trust, providing clear evidence of the work required so your customers are confident they made the right choice.

No More Guesswork:

By eliminating uncertainty and involving the customer throughout the service visit, you're removing a layer of stress. But there’s more to the service drive-through than just the service being performed. From Check-In to Check-Out, each step should be streamlined. Make sure your drive tool is set up for:

Digital Check-In
Giving an easy option to start the process.

Customizable Inspections
Tailor the inspection process to match your dealership's unique needs.

Open Recall and OEM Menu Integration
For quick prompts on direct OEM recalls and consistent and accurate OEM information.

Effortless Communication
Reach out to customers via email or text, and automate important events.

Seamless Quoting Integration
Connected with your DMS, giving you a comprehensive view of ROs, customer and vehicle information, parts, appointments, and operation codes.

Online Approvals with E-Signature
Expedite the approval process with digital signatures, ensuring there are no unnecessary delays.

Convenient Digital Check-Out
Enable online payments and allow customers to view their ROs and book future service appointments.

Performance Analytics
Measure the impact of your Service Lane with insightful reporting, identifying areas for enhancement.

When all these features are put together, the customer has a clear and straightforward journey. Having a system fully integrated with your existing DMS is what drives efficiency and keeps the process connected. This is where PowerLane excels.

PowerLane – Providing the solution:

PowerLane equips your dealership with the tools to optimize the service drive-through, elevate the customer experience, and ensure that even in financially strained times, service approvals and close rates can climb. PowerLane’s integration with Quorum DMS provides the solution for an efficient service process, designed to make you more. With clear performance metrics available in QAnalytics, you can experience the increase in revenue with a robust and easy to use reporting tool.

Give your customers the experience they want, providing a transparent process that leaves them confident in their decisions and ready to book their next appointment.

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