Raising Dealership Potential: The Power of Reporting

Dealerships are inundated with information. Data being collected from the DMS at any given time can cover all areas of the dealership. From Sales to Service, Parts to Payroll, there’s always something to be tracked, monitored, and relied on. Using this data to your advantage can be difficult, especially without a reporting solution to decipher and present that information in a way that makes sense.

Leveraging this data is not a new concept. The idea of going off “gut feel” to make important decisions is not something that a Dealer Principle can often justify, let alone a board of directors that may have say over a large Auto Group. That’s why dealerships rely heavily on reporting solutions that can take the data needed and present it in a legible format. However, the nature of reporting can make this process difficult. Integrated systems, third parties, and web apps that are disjointed create a reporting mess. Data is unable to be presented together, and the picture isn’t clear.

Using a unified system, designed to house all the DMS information in one place, will tell you the true story of how each area is performing, and how to improve.

Understanding Dealership Reporting:

There are some misunderstandings about what dealership reporting can do. Often most dealer reports fall under one category – Single Rooftop. For single rooftop dealers, DMS reporting is a bit less complex. Any data in the DMS is specific to that rooftop, and any charges, commissions, or service will be shown for the one dealership. But what about multi-rooftop dealers? What about Auto groups that may own multiple stores, selling different OEM’s, spanning a very wide area?

This requires Enterprise Reporting. Enterprise Reporting allows the dealerships to consolidate data from multiple sources into one and show different dealership data together on one page. This serves as a comprehensive system providing a clear view of the business's performance. Creating a “single source of truth” offers invaluable insights that will help drive performance. High-performing companies have long acknowledged the importance of business reporting, with data-driven decisions proving to be 19 times more likely to achieve profitable results (McKinsey): Growth, Marketing & Sales Insights | McKinsey & Company

Key Benefits of Dealership Reporting

Improving Sales Performance
Dealerships thrive when sales representatives perform at their best. Reporting provides managers with quick access to real-time data on vehicles sold and individual sales performance. This transparency fosters accountability, standardizes procedures, and drives overall sales efficiency.

Enhancing Margins Across Departments
Efficient processes and data alignment across departments are essential for improving margins. Reporting tools identify inefficiencies and eliminate friction points, allowing for better alignment on deal status, maintenance related items, purchases, and inventory control. Well-designed reports that focus on the key areas, provide insights into trends, and will allow you to see and adhere to specific KPIs. This in turn drives even more revenue growth, while assisting with streamlining workflows.

Track and Compare Dealer Level Performance
Enterprise reporting allows you to see multiple dealers under one report page. This flexibility gives you the ability to easily compare dealerships, areas, or specific groups to others and break down how certain features may be better utilized. By seeing data together, the information can be easily understood, shared, and absorbed. Providing the means to visualize exactly what items are performing well against what is not, or which employees are outperforming based on certain practices improves the overall workflow. By providing high-level actionable data, and detailed information breaking down the specific areas, Auto Groups and Multi-Level Rooftop organizations can proactively train, manage, and align stores to improve performance and increase revenue.

Implementing Intelligent Decision-Making
To harness the full potential of reporting, dealerships must focus on specific key performance indicators Tracking these KPIs on a dealer and individual basis gives you the insight to know with certainty which items need to be improved, expanded on, or given more attention. Having the right tool is crucial, which is why QAnalytics was created to consolidate Quorum DMS data into one area, providing the solution dealers need to make informed decisions.

The Right Tool for the Job

Getting a true picture of dealership performance is easily available with QAnalytics. The enterprise reporting solutions shows Quorum DMS data from all areas covering sales, service, parts, inventory, and accounting. With up-to-date information that shows how each area is performing, QAnalytics offers a wide range of reports that are designed to answer the questions each department is asking.

With filters to see single or multi-rooftop stores, you can easily compare dealer performance, monitor sales teams, see how well the service lane is running, track inventory and parts, and balance everything to accounting. With reports that cover all areas of the showroom, report usage, and DMS security setup, QAnalytics can show the entire operation, streamlining processes, and eliminating confusion.

Contact us to learn more about how making data-driven decisions will improve your dealer performance and increase revenue.

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