Executive Leadership

Maury Marks
President + CEO
Throughout his career, Maury Marks has established himself as a visionary in the automotive retail technology industry. As one of the original founders, and as the President and CEO of Quorum Information Technologies, Maury has created a team that is committed to building and providing the best dealership management system in the industry. Growing up in Alberta, Canada, Maury worked in his family’s GM dealership. During this time, he was exposed to the facets of dealership management and the challenges dealers face from both a business and technology standpoint. In 1996, Maury’s family approached him in need of a new DMS. After evaluating and realizing that the DMS industry was largely stagnated, Maury and his partners conceived the idea of Quorum. He focused the company on the development of its flagship XSellerator DMS software. Maury earned a Bachelor of Management (with Distinction) from the University of Lethbridge in Alberta, Canada in 1988. He then received his Chartered Accountant’s designation couple of years later after articling with Deloitte and Touche in Calgary. Maury started in the accounting group and eventually moved to the firm’s technology practice where he had the experience of helping various corporations select and implement technology and systems that best fit their business needs. In 1992, Maury made the decision to leave Deloitte and Touche to begin his own practice of technology consulting. While Maury is not on business trips, he can be found in Quorum’s headquarters in Calgary, Alberta.
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Marilyn Bown
Chief Financial Officer
Having a natural flair in numbers, Marilyn Bown keeps our books in the black. In 2008, she was recruited from Belanger Clarke Follett McGettigan to fill the Corporate Accountant position. Marilyn progressively increased her responsibilities and contribution to Quorum, which earned her a promotion as Controller. Marilyn is now Quorum’s Chief Financial Office and leads the Corporate department at Quorum. She overlooks all aspects of accounting, financial reporting, procurement and government relations. Five years prior to joining Quorum, Marilyn received her Bachelor of Commerce (Co-operative) degree from Memorial University of Newfoundland and Labrador in Canada. She then received her Certified General Accountant Designation in 2008. Marilyn works out of Quorum’s largest office in St. John’s, Newfoundland.
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Mark Allen
VP Sales, Marketing & Services
Owing to his deep business, technical and automotive industry experience, Mark earned himself the reputation as a visionary leader in the automotive retail technologies space. Mark’s very first priority when he joined Quorum in 2006 was to lead the launch of the General Motors Integration Dealer Management System (IDMS) program. This helped build a good rapport between GM and the company, transforming Quorum’s core business model to deliver services required under the contract. After the success he had with GM, Mark moved on to lead a new department chartered with marketing, strategic planning and enterprise account management. His present position of Vice President - Sales, Marketing and Services, and Director, Quorum Information Technologies (US), Inc. is the culmination of progressively added leadership responsibility in the years since joining Quorum. Mark leads all sales (client acquisition and organic growth), marketing and strategic partnerships, in addition to the Services Delivery team (implementations and training), for the company. Mark holds a BSBA degree, with an emphasis in information technology and finance, and an MBA in Marketing - both attained with high honors from prestigious universities. He has extensive leadership background with multi-national organizations like General Motors and Electronic Data Systems (EDS). In his senior management roles with EDS Automotive Retail Group (ARG), he was responsible for overall management and performance of ARG’s product and service portfolio, as well as strategic planning, technology leadership and business development. Mark’s entrepreneurial expertise has found him as Founder, President and CEO of Playing Field Inc., an innovative start-up that established a new market model for application integration within automotive retail, as well as previous endeavors such as ownership of an independent coffee shop and a small business custom application development boutique. Mark is based in Quorum’s Washington Township, Michigan office.
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Dan Ichelson
VP Operations & Development
Having a natural inclination towards processes and development, coupled with his expertise in the automotive retail industry, Dan Ichelson heads up Quorum’s Operations and Development team. Dan first joined Quorum in 1998 as Product Specialist where his main duties revolved around supporting and implementing XSellerator™ at various GM dealerships. As a liaison between the dealers and Quorum’s Development team, Dan was able to participate in the process of planning and defining changes to product and new feature releases. Among his multiple responsibilities, Dan also had the honour of testing exciting upgrades and new product functionalities. Due to his extensive knowledge of the DMS, Dan was promoted to Implementation Manager just three years after he joined the company. It was in this role where he dived into the vital undertaking of ensuring that Quorum’s product is geographically compatible to the company’s expansion efforts. Another three years saw Dan as the Director of Product Development. He was then heavily involved in the development process while working closely with GM in North America. As the VP of Operations and Development for the past two decades, Dan leads all aspects of the XSellerator product, which includes product management, application development, network R&D, support and QA. He continues to guide the development and release of Quorum’s Dealership products. Dan has a Bachelor of Science in Zoology and received his Master of Business Administration from the University of Calgary in 1992. Prior to joining Quorum, he was directly involved with the development and implementation of an in-house system for a nationally franchised organization. Dan is based in Calgary, where Quorum’s headquarters is located.
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Mark Bennett
North American Sales Manager
Mark brings 25 plus years of experience to the Quorum team. A graduate of Northwood University with a passion for cars, led Mark to his first jobs in Automotive Retail with roles in Sales, F&I and Service. He then pursued an opportunity with EDS, in their DMS business focused on the Saturn Retail Systems as an installer and then on to managing both the field and customer support organizations in both the US and Japan. This led to opportunities at both IBM as an Executive Consultant focused on OEMs and Omnicom where he was instrumental in the sale and global rollout of the DaimlerChrysler brand websites, Mopar.com, Chrysler Financials site along with their Dealer and DAA sites. Leaving the auto space for a short time, Mark was a Regional Developer for a Home Care Company which he later sold to relocate from Michigan to Florida. When Mark arrived in Florida, he became a Sales Executive for an eMPI company which then led to a role as the Director of Sales for the Americas. On April 1, 2019, Mark joined Quorum as the North American Sales Manager.
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Keith Gubler
Head of Development - Advantage
Born in California, but having lived in Utah, Washington, Dallas and London, Ontario for 13 years. Keith is a dual citizen and loves both the U.S. and Canada. Keith has been involved in software and the automotive industry for over 40 years from working as a salesperson to writing and installing complete dealership systems. Starting with Finance Software in 1985 where Keith designed and wrote one of the first F&I software programs for automotive dealers (which ran on two 360K floppy disks) to Impact Systems in Dallas Texas which introduced the concept of the business office to marine dealerships throughout the U.S. and Canada to Ontario Automobile Software Information Systems (Oasis) founded with 3 partners in 1992. Keith has been witness to many changes in the automotive and software industries. Specializing in the Finance and Insurance side of the business, it was Keith who worked with GMAC to create the initial formulas and calculations to allow credit insurance to be sold on leases. With a degree in accounting and minors in finance, business administration and computer science, Keith also has a keen understanding of the accounting side of the business. Currently living in Southern Utah, Keith loves the outdoors, hunting, fishing, golfing and hiking. With his wife Susan, they have three children and 5 grandchildren spread throughout Utah and Canada.
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Darren Hawthorne
Network Services Manager
Darren is one of Quorum’s veterans who joined the company shortly after it was founded. He has filled many shoes in his time with the company, including Network Specialist and Network Services Manager. In March 2008, Darren and his family relocated to the most easterly city in North America, St. John’s, Newfoundland to be in direct contact with the Network Services team. He has since then, moved back to his home in Edmonton, AB, where he leads our research and development team, which defines the technology platform that Quorum uses for its customers and internally.
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John Hynes
Support Services Manager
John ensures that all questions asked get answered! Beginning with Quorum as Support Specialist in 2006, John is now the Support Centre Manager and oversees all activities and personnel related to supporting and assisting our clients. John is a proud father of two and is a die-hard fan of the Montreal Canadiens.
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Lori Litz
Director of Marketing
Having worked for three DMS giants in the industry, Lori found her true calling at Quorum. As Director of Marketing, and the brains behind our advertising and branding, she has an eye for design and a knack for details. When Lori isn't burying her head in designing, she can be found volunteering at various charities in her stomping grounds, Michigan.
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Scott Maroni
Services Delivery Manager
Starting with his work as a Fleet and Lease Manager at a Ford store, and then several positions with Quorum, Scott's automotive experience has earned him the spot as Quorum's Services Delivery Manager. He oversees all service delivery activity and staff (implementations, training, project management and data conversion). The one thing that motivates Scott everyday is the people and the heart they put into the work they do at Quorum.
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Jeff Martin
Development Manager
Jeff is a Quorum veteran who has been around for more than a decade. As development manager, he oversees a team of over 20 developers who are the hamsters behind the Quorum wheel. While Jeff is not busy writing or coding programs, he can be found exploring the rugged beauty of Newfoundland and Labrador with his wife and twin girls.
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Yvette Martin
Product Manager
A typical workday in Yvette’s role at Quorum as Product Manager consists of prioritizing, leading the design and testing new features of XSᴇʟʟᴇʀᴀᴛᴏʀ™. Prior to any version release, she and her team work closely with the Implementation, Support and Development teams as well as our beta test and pilot dealerships to ensure that dealership and manufacturer requirements are being met. Next time you get a cool new feature in XSᴇʟʟᴇʀᴀᴛᴏʀ, you’ll know who to thank!
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Andrea Noseworthy
Human Resources Manager
If one word could be used to describe Andrea, it would be kind! Apart from ensuring that all the ducks in the company are in a row, Andrea also takes care of the well-being of all the Quorumites. As Human Resources Manager, she is directly responsible for the culture and amazing people at Quorum (heck, she found many of them and brought then in herself!). She is also known as the listener and coach of the company. She always lends a sympathetic ear if something is bothering you and sends you off with sage advice.
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Scott Savage
General Manager - Advantage
Scott's career in the automobile industry began as a salesperson in a dealership that led to a management position at a marine dealership. While working in the marine dealership he realized there was a serious need for Sales and Finance software to operate more efficiently, and Scott launched a search for a software system to meet those needs. Unable to find one, he helped create Oasis Auto Complete. For 27 years, Scott was the Business Development Manager and President of Oasis until it was purchased by Quorum. Scott now leads the Advantage Team as General Manager.
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Dean Sullivan
Customer Care Manager
If Dean were to take part in the funniest employee contest, he’d win it. Dean was one of the very first three customer support hires when the company established its St. John’s, Newfoundland office in 2006. Fast forward and Dean now heads up the Customer Care team and spends most of his time keeping our customers engaged, happy and satisfied. Dean’s pipedream is to be the next Masterchef!
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