Great people build great companies. Not just management and owners, but everyone employed by a company contributes to making it what it is. We attract the very best people in the technology industry, and that’s why Quorum has grown, found success and become a great company to work for so quickly.

Every person at Quorum is totally focused on making the company’s XSᴇʟʟᴇʀᴀᴛᴏʀ™ software the very best in the industry – and they’re succeeding.

Every person in the company is passionate about giving automotive dealerships the very best business processes possible — and they’re succeeding.

Most of our sales are the direct result of happy customers bringing in new customers, and that pretty much says it all.

If you like an exciting, fast-paced environment, and want to be part of a company that is bringing an entirely new way of doing business to automotive dealerships, this is where you belong.


For a full list of current opportunities, we invite you to explore our Careers Page.

How to Apply


By submitting my personal information on my resume to Quorum through this website, I am consenting to:

  • The collection, use and disclosure of that information for the purposes of assessing my suitability for specific positions or future opportunities at Quorum;

  • Quorum contacting any references that I have provided on my resume or that I may otherwise provide to Quorum;

  • Having a copy of my resume placed on my employee file if I accept employment with Quorum, and the use of this information for the purposes of managing my employment relationship.

Hiring Process

To select ideal candidates, Quorum uses a multi-faceted screening process involving a combination of some or all of the following methods: phone interviews, compatibility profile tools, in-person interviews by HR and line managers.

Quorum is an equal opportunity employer.

It is Quorum’s policy to take affirmative action to ensure that no discrimination occurs in its employment processes, in its promotions from within, or in any phase of its training and development.