Next Level Independent Dealership Management System

Quorum’s independent DMS software product – Advantage Complete offers independent dealers that have outgrown standalone and non-automotive specific products an inexpensive next level integrated system for running your sales and accounting operations. Advantage Complete is specific to your industry, plus helps drive business through operating efficiencies.

In addition to the included Showroom and Accounting modules, you can easily add Customer Relationship Management (CRM), F&I Menu or Lease Management to your system, fully-integrated.


Effectively manage your day-to-day operations while reducing errors and increasing your sales, profitability and customer experience.


Manage your growing business efficiently with accuracy through integration and a single source of data.


Looking for more?

Plug in these great add-ons:

  • CRM
  • Menu
  • Lease Management
  • QLeads



Quorum’s Advantage Complete offers your independent dealership exactly what it needs to take your showroom business to the next level, including:

  • Single customer database – no duplicate data entry
  • Seamless integration to Accounting
  • Built-in Desking (multi-scenario capability)
  • F&I Product sales capability
  • Dealertrack finance portal integration
  • Deal documents generated electronically
  • Full Inventory control with VIN decoding and the ability to attach photos
  • Website push of inventory to your dealership website & 3rd party sites (3 websites included, additional available)
  • Driver’s license scanning (requires scanner)
  • Integrated, in-depth reporting
  • Customer data retention (for future sales opportunities)


Manage your independent dealership’s books electronically with fewer errors thanks to integration – no retyping of data, and these other time-saving features:

  • Real-time transactions
  • Drill-down capabilities
  • Single source of data, shared with Showroom
  • Multi-company/multi-branch capable
  • Deal data pushed from Showroom for booking
  • Fixed asset scheduling
  • Automatic allocation of expenses
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Credit card reconciliation
  • Sales tax tracking & reporting
  • Memorized transactions (reoccurring transactions)
  • Full reporting with drill-down


Add on business-building tools to drive your revenue to the next level.


Increase customer engagement and satisfaction while better managing your Sales Team’s daily operations.

  • CASL Compliant
  • Customer life cycle management
  • Plan and manage follow-up tasks
  • Data Mining – leverage your database to create more business!
  • BDC Capable
  • Management Reporting


Drive higher revenues and gross profit by offering flexible financing options to your customers.

  • Maintain process consistency
  • Create dynamic financing packages – standard templates or customized
  • Credit insurance rates automatically maintained
  • Present multiple financing and F&I product combination options
  • Offer and manage flexible payment schedules
  • Includes waiver function (declined sign off by customer)
  • Transfers seamlessly to Showroom Desking


Attract a broad range of customers by offering competitive financial options while reducing risk through effective collections.

  • Buy Here – Pay Here
  • Offer and manage flexible payment schedules
  • Assign a collector to in-house leases
  • Exception reporting
  • Pre-authorized payments
  • Credit reporting to Equifax
  • Ability to amend lease
  • Monitor required vehicle maintenance
  • Late charges & on-track payment calculations
  • Profit analysis


Manage your website leads professionally.

  • Integrated website lead management powered by AutoTextDriver.
  • Available communication methods:
    • Texting
    • Chatbot
    • Telephony
  • Mobile-enabled for your team’s quick response based on the schedule you define


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