The DMS Driving Your Dealership’s Value


Quorum DMS’s independent DMS software product - Advantage -  is a dynamic DMS provider that streamlines the automotive dealership IT process by combining Advantage Showroom (CRM, Sales, and F&I) with Advantage Complete (Accounting).

Our flexible and intuitive independent DMS has all of the features that you would expect, plus much more!

As a Microsoft Gold Level Certified Partner, Advantage has been providing dealerships with a powerful, full-featured PC-based system at an outstanding value with exceptional support and service for over 20 years.

We drive value by providing leading features and benefits within our software along with fair ongoing support costs which include perpetual program updates. We use standard yet secure equipment which means minor hardware maintenance costs and low operating expenses. Our emphasis on delivering real value to dealerships allows us to provide the lowest total cost of ownership in the Canadian DMS industry.

Tired of paying too much for the same old thing and long-term software and hardware contracts?

You have a choice!

Value Added DMS Solution

Advantage has been developing, implementing and supporting our comprehensive and fully integrated dealership management system for over 20 years. With our proven track record, Advantage provides leading value for our valued dealership partners.

  • Utilizing the Latest Technology:
    The Advantage modules are built on the Microsoft .NET Platform and powered the MS SQL database.
  • Value:
    We supply a reliable, full-featured system at an outstanding cost value with exceptional support and service. Lower software and system costs means more money to invest in other areas of your dealership..
  • Always Current:
    Our monthly support structure is a license / support based fee that includes perpetual updates for currently licensed products, unlimited web based or telephone based support and forms/invoice maintenance/updates. We are on top of changes in industry and regulatory initiatives to always keep dealers ahead and compliant. We provide all version, form, report, vehicle pricing and incentive updates through our Data Centre, delivered directly via our Cloud Server.
  • Your Data:
    The data within Advantage is owned by the dealership.
  • Security:
    Security is written within all programs. It is based upon each user’s rights and can be customized to limit or access by login or role.
  • Freedom:
    Stable and consistent pricing. No complicated long term contact.
  • Support:
    Access to live 1-800 system and network support, our professional support staff has industry knowledge and experience (no “per hour”/“per call” fees or hidden or additional monthly charges).
  • Simple Setup:
    We are PC Based. Unique hardware and servers are not required, giving you several network and system configuration options with basic minimum requirements.
  • Flexibility:
    Advantage's flexibility suits many unique corporate and business configurations. We customize our system to meet each dealership's unique processes with flexible and customizable dealership defaults as well as custom fields, screen views, reports and forms.
  • Reporting:
    Access to excellent reports which keep the pulse on your dealership. Generate professional SAP reports in an easy to use manner with simple export to Microsoft Office
  • Training:
    Multiple training options, including in your dealership, on-line tutorials, live distance on-line or at our headquarters.

Features and Benefits

Technology ... complete system designed on a modern PC-based platform to take advantage of new technologies and to keep your investments fully protected. Standard Windows Desktop/Server application allows integration with all of your systems and software. Local network eliminates reliance on other providers to provide a critical business function and control your corporate data.

Completely Integrated ... all modules and functions of the system are completely integrated under a single system, which means data entered once is available throughout the system.

Fully Network Compatible ... Advantage DMS runs in a standard multi-user Windows network, designed for PC's using Windows 8.1 Pro, Windows 7 Professional and Windows XP PRO powered by a Windows Server.

dealership MDS

Multi-Tasking ... capabilities allows access to different modules simultaneously and change program windows with a single keystroke.

Flexible System ... a very flexible system that allows users to personalize their documents, reports, screen colours, business rules, and system set-ups.

Ease-of-Use ... Advantage has a feature-rich user interface that incorporates select features such as scrolling, point-and-shoot, pop-up lists, on-line context-sensitive help, consistent menu and program structure. All are designed to shorten the learning curve and provide a smooth future growth path.

New Features ... the system is always kept current by adding new features and improvements through automated monthly updates that are provided at no additional charge.

Other Features ...  Industry Standard User Interface. Multi-level security. Modular design.

Advantage Showroom

Packed full of features to give you market-leading tools sell more vehicles and F&I while increasing profits, Advantage Showroom has everything that you require within one application. Includes industry leading features including Canada’s most comprehensive vehicle information; daily updates of vehicle pricing, residuals, rebates & incentives; a built-in CRM; MVDA compliant tools with CarProof & CARFAX integration and the ability to laser print or email Bills of Sale and other forms.

Oasis eFM (Electronic Finance Menu) is an advanced Menu-Selling system that allows F&I Managers to easily customize packages from the main presentation screen to create tailored offerings. It includes the unique ability to present and close using multiple payment & term scenarios. Oasis eFM is available stand-alone or fully integrated to Advantage Showroom.

Advantage Complete

Advantage has dealership specific features that an off-the-shelf program does not have. Account, measure, report and track every dollar in your Dealership. Manage your in-house lending portfolio with our robust leasing module. Simplify your payroll process through Paymate Integration.

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